Steve Mancione

Workingman's Art

I am a Chicago based artist who has always been drawn to what many traditional art critics might call "low-brow art".  Graphitti, comic books, and cartoons have always interested me most, I think because they are the most relatable to the public at large.  Making art for the .5% of the population that actually goes to "white cube" galleries doesn't seem practical to me.  Those people are all artists, art critics, or art teachers.  They already come to the work with predisposed notions of whatever theory they are currently regurgetating.  In my mind, it takes more balls to do artwork that everyone, from every class has access to.  A tag on a brick wall will be seen by more people than a framed work in a gallery.  But it's not exposure I'm after, it's opening up the vacuum sealed bubble of the art world to everyone, not just the people in the "art club".  I want people who would never walk into a gallery to be able to see my work.  Regular people without trust funds and people who have no idea what "post-modern" means.  My family, colleagues and friends are hard working individuals who will most likely never know a -shall we say - "priviledged" life. So that's who I make art for because I can actually relate to them and hopefully they can relate to me.  I guess I'll sum this up in a quote from one of my favorite childhood movies. 

"I make car parts for the American working man, because that's what I am. And that's who I care about."

                                                                    -Ray Zalinsky (Dan Akroyd)

Benches on the Avenue 2014

Hello again all!  Well another year has come and gone and I was selected once more for the Benches on the Avenue 2014 project for the community of Tinley Park.  This year's theme was "Let the Games Begin!"  I submitted the idea of doing a Mario Brothers Bench and was thrilled when they accepted my design.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project, each year Tinley Park chooses 20 artists from all around the Chicagoland area construct benches that fit a theme for that year.  On May 1st the benches are installed up and down Tinley's historic Oak Park Avenue in the middle of the Village's shopping and entertainment district.  The benches remain there until October 1st when they are returned to their sponsors or donated to the community.  Here are some pictures of this year's bench.  And check out my previous posts for last year's bench!

The bench installed in front of Citibank on Oak Park Ave.
here's the wide shot
and the back of the bench